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Shooting Career
Citrus Grower in South Florida.  Have a consulting and contract business for citrus.  We have also diversified into Pest Control for homes and businesses..  My son and I have also patented a product for clay shooting that is endorsed by Gebben Miles called the Anchor Point.  It’s similar to a kisser button on a bow..  A silicone devise that sticks to the side of your shotgun stalk.  Normally you have two points of contact with your shotgun (shoulder and cheek), this product gives you an additional point of contact (lips).  It helps with mount consistency and target focus!  

Gebben Miles

Shooting Side


Eye Dominance


Brand Model Gauge Barrel
Beretta DT-11 12 32 in
Brand Model Gauge Load Size Velocity
Name City Phone
OK Corral Gun Club Okeechobee
Quail Creek Plantation Okeechobee
South Florida Shooting Club Palm City
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